The office of Sheriff in Cumberland County dates back to the birth of the county itself in January 1748, when the county of Cumberland was carved out of the southern portion of Salem County. The county of Salem was one of the counties comprising the West Jersey Province. The Assembly established an act creating Cumberland County on January 19, 1748.


          The Duke of Cumberland was given the parcel of land as a reward for his victory, at Culloden, over Prince Charles.  The first meeting of the justices and freeholders was to address the building of a jail and courthouse. This meeting was held on March 25, 1748 and Ananias Sayre, the first appointed Sheriff of Cumberland County,  was instructed to build the jail.


          The Act of 1747 required that all Sheriffs be residents, own property in the county and have the authority to vote. There were nine appointed sheriffs up until 1776, a span of twenty nine years. Prior to the Revolution, Sheriff's were appointed by the Governor and Council for three years or at the pleasure of the Governor.  After the Revolution the office of Sheriff became an elected position but a Sheriff could only hold office for three years in succession. Today's Sheriffs are elected for three year terms and may succeed themselves.

Mission Statement


     The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to protecting the life and the property of the citizens it is privileged to serve. Preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime, and apprehending those who violate the law is a task we will strive to uphold. Providing the community with public service in the form of community and law enforcement educational programs, we hope to involve the community and obtain the trust of the citizens. Working cooperatively with the public and other law enforcement and governmental agencies, the employees of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office want to improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors to Cumberland County.

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